Other Animals and Us: Have We Become Too Complicated?

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During my morning walk, I daily observe a group of doves feeding on the ground. They are very calm and they go about their business undisturbed. Once they are full, they fly back to their nests. They repeat this every day. They don’t hoard for the future. I assume, if one of them gets a disease or injury, if it can’t feed on its own, it just dies. Contrast this with our busy lives. What all we do apart from the needs of our daily sustenance?
I think no animal other than us is very much different from these doves in this aspect.
They all go about their lives more or less in a saint like manner. I’m not ignoring all their crude behaviours like guarding the territory or ways of domination of the alphas etc. But they seem to me, to be living a more fearless and content life as compared to us.
May be we have a more developed brain. And comes with it, a myriad of new emotions and angsts, that too in excess as compared to other animals, which leads to the busy lives that we are leading.

May be we need to stop and relax. Just that might solve most of our problems – both personal and at the level of society.


What is reality?

What is reality?

Reality of a living being very much depends on itself, what it can perceive through its sense organs, what its past experience or memory is, chemical state of its brain (if it has one), etc. But does this subjective nature of reality exclude the possibility of an absolute reality, an objective one?

Let’s examine the example of visual perception. There are species of animals which do not have eyes. So they don’t ‘see’ the world at all, or at least not in the way we see it. Dogs can’t see all the colors that humans can see. So the world that a dog sees is quite different from (‘lesser’ than) what we see. Now about our own vision – do we ‘see’ the whole world as it is? We can see only the ‘visible’ spectrum of electromagnetic (EM) waves, with our naked eyes. Then we developed tools that can detect (‘see’) other wavelengths of EM waves and realized that there is a wide range of EM waves other than visible light. That made us aware of a bigger reality – a reality that is a bit closer to, can we call it, the absolute/objective reality.

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