Objects at a distance

How do you paint a scene, in which objects are at different distances from you? In this lesson, you will learn to observe two key facts about the way objects look as they go farther from you. Firstly, as you might have already observed, they look smaller as they go farther. See the first sketch.


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Framing reflections

Art lesson #2

Framing reflections:

I have seen that many draw a full inverted replica as for the reflection of an object or scene on water etc, probably thinking that you can see everything above water in it’s reflection also. First convince yourself that it’s not the case always, by studying the photo on the left. You can see the reflection of the green box, but not the ear phones nor the small box sitting on top of the green box.

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Choose what you want to draw

Art lesson #1

Choose what you want to draw:

Some of my friends, relatives and others have been asking for teaching art/painting for their kids.

I have been fortunate enough to get guidance and encouragement from my parents as well as art teacher Sekar Ayyanthole, when I was a kid. I thought, I will share some of the insights I learned from them, others and from my own experience here, for anyone interested.

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