Sketching from real life

Art Lesson #3

Sketching from real life:

This is a small activity to engage your kids or the kid in you. In the process of getting acquainted with sketching from real life, one develops hand-eye coordination, and practically familiarizes shapes in 3D, colors, occlusion, lights and shadows, and shading.

Place some simple objects on a surface, with light falling on them from a side, so that there is light on one side of each object and shade on the other side. For example, see the picture with 3 oranges.

Choose objects with different colors. Arrange them such that, part of one object is hidden by another. Arrangement should be made with the place in mind, where your kid is going to sit and sketch, so that the above criteria are satisfied.

Now, start sketching, observing the objects!

I did this exercise for my niece and nephew and they enjoyed it. The image shows their sketches.

I have also included a time lapse video of a quick sketch I did of the same scene.

Send me your trials, and I will add them here, with your name or anonymously, as you prefer.



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