Choose what you want to draw

Art lesson #1

Choose what you want to draw:

Some of my friends, relatives and others have been asking for teaching art/painting for their kids.

I have been fortunate enough to get guidance and encouragement from my parents as well as art teacher Sekar Ayyanthole, when I was a kid. I thought, I will share some of the insights I learned from them, others and from my own experience here, for anyone interested.

I won’t be misleading you with how to draw a scenary/face/etc kind of lessons. Just small insights with examples will be shared. How you draw is all your freedom.

In the below painting, you can see that, the painting doesn’t have lots of elements that’s there in the photo. I painted it looking at the real scene, and not from the photo, and photo is included just for comparison. You can see that I have chosen what and how elements of the scene are drawn in the painting. You can see that the painting is uncluttered and simplified. You can see that relative sizes and placement of various elements are different. The frame chosen is also different.

So that’s the first lesson in composition, or choosing what and how to include various elements in a painting.

Disclaimer: should not be taken as an advice on what should be the aesthetics of paintings, it’s for the individual artist to decide. The example is to be considered only for the purposes of composition.


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